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    Romanovsky And Phillips »

    Romanovsky And Phillips Give me a Homosexual текст песни

    Give me a Homosexual

    (For all the straight men who think that every gay man is out to
    Seduce them, and for those gay men who indeed are.)

    With so many gay men and so little time
    It never has been an obsession of mine
    To try and pursue heterosexual men
    The ones who are real or the ones who pretend
    That kind of facade’s not attractive to me
    I like my lovers as queer as can be

    Give me a homosexual
    Who loves in a homoemotional way
    I like a man of acceptance
    Give me a guy who is glad to be gay

    Now to some of my peers its the ultimate thrill
    Seducing a straight man by bending his will
    But I am a man who loves men who love men
    And that is of course what I most recommend
    While I’m sure there are men who just need some unstraightening
    I haven’t the patience to be educating

    Give me a homosexual
    One who’s perfected his oral technique
    I like a man who’s had practice
    Give me a guy who is fluent in Greek

    And I don’t understand all those classified ads
    Filled with desires that I’ve never had
    «Straight-looking Marine seeks straight cop to please…»
    How straight do they look when they’re down on their knees?
    It’s a taste that I’ve never been able to savor
    This preoccupation with sexist behavior

    And people will ask us «Which one’s the girl?»
    ‘Cause they limit themselves to those roles in their world
    But we don’t have any such models to clone
    We’re perfectly free to develop our own

    Give me a homosexual
    I don’t want a husband and I don’t want a wife
    I like a man who’s my equal
    Someone who’s made it the style of his life

    Give me a homosexual
    Who loves in a homoemotional way
    I like a man of acceptance
    Give me a guy who is glad to be gay

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