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    Rush Good News First текст песни

    Good News First

    The best we can agree on

    Is it could have been worse

    What happen to your old

    Benevolent universe?

    You know the one with stars

    That revolve around you

    Beaming down full of promises

    To bring good news

    You used to feel that way

    The saddest words you could ever say

    But I know you’ll remember that day

    And the most beautiful words I could ever say

    The worst thing about it all

    Is that you’ve never been right

    And I’m still not really sure

    What started that fight

    But I still get this feeling

    There’s more trouble ahead

    So never mind the bad news

    Let’s have the good news instead

    Some would said they never fear a thing

    Well I do

    And I’m afraid enough for both of us

    For me and you

    Time, if nothing else, will do it’s worst

    So do me that favor

    And tell me the good news first

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