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    RZA Grits текст песни


    When I was small

    We had nothing at all

    We used to eat Grits, for dinner

    It was pain

    almost drive a man insane

    what we could find for

    to survive another day

    but I said nah…

    An old killa bee once hummed me a tune

    Stay up at night, don’t sleep on ya moon

    Four seeds in the bed, eight seeds in the room

    Afternoon cartoon, we would fight for the spoon

    Old Earth in the kitchen, yell «it’s time to eat»

    Across the foyer, ya hear the gather of stampeding feet

    One pound box of sugar, and a stick of margarine

    A hot pot of Grits got my family from starvin’

    Loose with the welfare cheese, thick wit’ the gravy

    used to suck it, straight out the bottle as a baby

    Steamy hot meal serve less than five minutes

    Big silver pot, boilin’ water, salt in it

    House full of brothers and sisters, the pop’s missin’

    Pillsbury box on the stove in the kitchen

    Young shorties in my hood started hustlin’

    Packin’ bags at the neighbourhood associate

    Growin’ up, not as fortunate to have that fly shit

    I’m too young, no jobs’d hire me legit

    You walkin’ down the street with ya gun in ya hand

    Drinkin, thinkin’ of a masterplan

    Your Old Earth can’t afford what ya friends got

    So you roll up to the spot, with ya thing ‘pon cock

    And it seems worth the takin’, stomach achin’

    Morning star Reggie makin’ go good with the Grits

    Now let’s take it back for real

    when we used to build at ghetto big wheels

    with the shoppin’ cart wheels, and wood to nail the seat on

    Girls skippin’ rope in the street

    the Summer heat, left the jelly prints stuck to they feet

    Skelly chief, flippin’ baseball cards for keeps

    Momma said it’s gettin’ late, and it’s time to come eat

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