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    Run Dmc »

    Run Dmc Hard Times текст песни

    Hard Times

    Hard times spreading just like the flu
    Watch out homeboy don’t let it catch you
    P p prices go up don’t let your pocket go down
    When you got short money you’re stuck on the ground
    Turn around get ready keep your eye on the prize
    And be on point for the future shock

    Hard times (repeat 2x)

    Hard times are coming to your town
    So stay alert don’t let them get you down
    They tell you times are tough you hear that times are hard
    But when you work for that ace you know you pulled the right card
    Hard times got our pockets all in chains
    I’ll tell you what, homeboy, it don’t have my brain
    All day I have to work at my peak
    Beacuse I need that dollar every day of the weak

    Hard times

    Hard times can take you on a natural trip
    So keep your balance, and don’t you slip
    Hard times is nothing new on me
    I’m gonna use my strong mentality
    Like the cream of the crop, like the crop of the cream
    B-b-beating hard times, that is my theme
    Hard times in life, hard times in death
    I’m gonna keep on fighting to my very last breath

    Hard times (repeat 6x)

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