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    Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz »

    Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz Heads Off (my Niggas) текст песни

    Heads Off (my Niggas)

    (feat. M.O.P.)

    [Big Sam]
    Aight, motherfuckers

    [Lil' Jon]
    Bitch niggas run and hide!
    (Ha, Yeah) I’m doing this for my niggas!

    [Big Sam]
    C’mon, C’mon
    C’mon, C’mon
    Lil’ Jon, C’mon, C’mon

    [Lil' Jon]
    Lil’ Jon, Eastside Boyz Bitch!

    [Chorus x2]
    [M.O.P (Lil' Jon)]
    (My Nigga!)
    You send em will bend em
    (My Nigga!)
    You Call em will sprawl em
    (My Nigga!)
    You cut em will bust em
    (My Nigga!)
    Take them niggas heads off!

    [Billy Danze]
    All day nigga, Broadway
    Your man Bill Danze back on the highway
    9-5 way, do or die way
    Since were all gangstaed up we gonna do it my way
    Homicide way, grown wit a metal fist
    (BK!) Home of the chrome deader list
    (Oh Yeah!) Willie Dynamite drop bombs
    Now who wanna conflict wit the conflict

    [Lil' Jon]
    We don’t give a fuck you actin like a bitch motherfucker!
    Get some nuts and be a man motherfucker!
    Pussy ass niggas get fucked motherfucker!
    And you’s a chicken nigga gettin plucked motherfucker!
    Droppin dimes snitchin on your whole (was sup) Eastside
    Cause nigga you soft like macaroni!
    You don’t wanna see a nigga pull the nine!
    Cause you did the crime, now it’s payback time!


    [Lil' Fame]
    You’s a check one, two turn my mic up nigga
    I’m a semi-automatic load the pipe up nigga
    B-Ville crime boss, I’ll knock your top off
    Get ya moms, it be a hell of a story for John Walsh
    BIA BIATCH! Look nigga look into to this
    What a ridiculous, conspicuous, son of a bitchuous
    Lil Fame’s a rude bastard; I left my manners at home
    You fucked up when you left your hammers at home

    [Big Sam]
    We gonna kick in the door and get buck my nigga
    Slice your ass up like a piece of meat my nigga
    Ride ya ’round the town in the fuckin trunk my nigga
    ‘Fore we dump your bitch ass in the creek my nigga
    Or we might duck tape your ass to the toilet nigga
    Then turn the iron on high and burn it nigga
    Die at da door and your ass probably highly fryin nigga
    And your tombstone will read, «Here lies a bitch nigga»


    [Billy Danze]
    Ride or die nigga, first fam
    Me and mind niggas, will still stand
    I come thru this BITCH, with two CLIPS
    Full of blue TIPS to show them who I am
    Stop doin sucka shit, watch who you fuckin wit
    Still put it down in the town on some other shit
    (Not that undercover shit), that’s not me
    I bring grips and raise hell for M.O.P

    [Lil Fame]
    What the fuck (fuck) y’all (y’all) niggas (huh) want with
    Famster (Famster!) Gangster (Gangster!)
    We can send your whole platoon
    Behind these men loom
    Fame & Bill Danze, Siamese twins
    Who probably wanna be like (boy)
    M.O.P (twins) and Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz
    Go ahead lie nigga, hope you try nigga
    But you gonna die nigga, fuckin wit live niggas


    [Lil' Jon]
    We bout to shut this motherfucker down real quick!
    I got my motherfucking Brownsville niggas wit me!
    New York in this bitch, ATL in this motherfucker!
    Dirty South let’s ride on it!

    [Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz]
    There they go my nigga let’s get em!
    There they go my nigga let’s get em!
    If you thought shit was over my nigga we never sleep!
    If you thought shit was over my nigga we never sleep!
    We gonna sneak a motherfucker like niggas on the creep!
    We gonna sneak a motherfucker like niggas on the creep!
    Like that goddammit y’all niggas get got!
    Like that goddammit y’all niggas get got!
    We gonna break a nigga down like keys on the block!
    We gonna break a nigga down like keys on the block!


    [Billy Danze]
    My God

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