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    Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Healer текст песни


    My child, I had a visitation in my sleep last night
    Something was calling to me from a blinding light
    And told me not to fear it, hear it

    It said, It’s time to make the world a little wiser.
    There are enough destroyers and criticizers.
    The world needs a healer, healer.

    And I awoke, my heart was pounding
    ‘Cause it was not like me to have such dreams
    But I could not fall asleep for wondering
    Why the messenger had come to me

    My child, I am too old and I am set in my ways
    But now I realize just what the voice conveyed
    You will be a healer, healer

    Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice
    Because the healer comes
    The healer comes

    Your destiny I lay before you
    But then the choice was never yours nor mine
    When it’s time to take this burden on you
    Then I will take the one you leave behind

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