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  • Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Heavy Metal Kids текст песни

    Heavy Metal Kids

    It’s like a normal Times Square day on 42nd Street
    I feel like trashing some windows and crunching some feet
    I watch society crumble and I just laugh (hee hee)
    They soon will see what it’s like to be the other half

    But I’m trying
    Said I’m trying to forget
    And it ain’t happened yet

    I musta woke up this morning with a bug up my ass
    I think I’ll just haul off and belt the next jerk that I pass
    My old man says I’m just a stoned little punk
    But he keeps himself a pistol and he’s always drunk

    I know
    Something’s gonna give
    Pretty soon
    I know it
    Something’s gonna give
    I wanna live
    I wanna mess thing whole world around
    Go on and poison all the water, use up all the air
    Blow your stupid heads off, see if I could care
    Put me down but don’t blame me for what you did
    ‘Cause inside everyone is a heavy metal kid

    I was a sweet little kid once
    Now I’m a full grown crank
    And when I die I’ll probably come back as a Sherman tank
    I know that I could make this world so peaceful and calm
    If I could only get my hands on a hydrogen bomb

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