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    Tabitha's Secret »

    Tabitha's Secret Here Comes Horses текст песни

    Here Comes Horses

    Help me to remember girl if you don’t mind

    Cuz I feel just like a jester when the music died

    Haven’t seen you lately

    But I know that nothing has changed

    Feeling kinda shaky but the wounds have healed

    There’s a crack there in the doorway where the walls are peeled

    Well I still see the sun go down on a clear day

    Here Comes Horses

    There goes the rain

    Here goes nothin

    Here it comes again

    I was thinkin’ I was angry but I let it go

    I was waitin on miricle but nothin’ showed

    and they say our new messiah is at the local bar

    Breeders from the home front have you heard the news

    that Daddy bet his paycheck on a horses shoes

    Now he won’t feel that way for a long, long time

    Here Comes Horses

    There goes the rain

    Here goes nothin

    Here it comes again

    Can you feel them?

    Sittin in a taxi at the evening’s end

    I was tryin to remember where it was I been

    and maybe I got someplace else to be

    I ask you why you coming you say just because

    I guess I could do without it if I knew what it was, well

    Really doesn’t matter

    When you look at me that way, well

    Here Comes Horses

    There goes the rain, welcome to the rain

    Here goes nothin

    Here it comes again

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