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    Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Hodja текст песни


    Hodja please show me how to spin now
    Hodja please show me how you do it
    All the other boys are laughing at me again now
    Hodja please show me how you do it
    Whenever I talk they don’t hear a thing
    And everyone laughs when I sing

    Hodja, please show me how to spin
    I want to do that dance ’til I forget where I am
    So get up out of your bed one more time
    Hodja, make me spin

    Yeah, teach me to spin like I seen you do
    Why don’t you make me the envy
    of the kids in school
    I know what to wear, I know how to sound
    I know about kissing the ground

    From every alley in Konya
    Mevlana sings Turn around, turn around
    You’ve got to spin ’til your feet leave the
    Hodja, someday soon you will be moving on
    So won’t you let me be the one
    you lay the secret on
    And it’s a 2 4 6 8, take it from the top
    You’ve got to start me up and don’t let me stop

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