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    Deep Purple »

    Deep Purple Hold on текст песни

    Hold on

    You’re sweeter than the morning
    When the sun is shining down on me
    There is nothing you can say
    That could make me go away you see
    But you keep saying to me baby

    Hold on—I feel I’m getting ready
    Hold on—I feel I’m rockin’ steady
    Hold on—I’m gonna make it with you woman
    Hold on—You got to gimme some love, gimme some love

    I held back before
    But your love took me easily
    You got the power
    I knew was gonna creep up on me
    The more I give
    Your love keeps comin’ on strong
    Although it’s mine now
    I know it won’t be for long
    There’s something in the saying
    That a woman needs a little more time
    I’m getting tired of waiting for you
    Giving me some kind of sign

    Hold on—I’ve got to love you when I want to
    Hold on—You’ve got to love me when I want you to
    Hold on—I ain’t gonna let you leave me baby
    Hold on—No never no more

    I know the game you’re playing
    And I guess you think I’m easily led
    You think the words you’re saying
    Are really going through my head
    I’m gonna take you home
    And give you all I can
    I’ll prove to you, baby
    That really I’m a man

    Hold on—I know I’m feeling ready
    Hold on—I know I’m rockin’ steady
    Hold on—Guess I’ve made it with you woman
    Hold on—I’ve got you giving me love

    Something that you give me
    Keeps me hangin’ on
    No use me stayin’
    There’s nothing to be done
    I’m gonna take you home
    And give you all I can
    I’ll prove to you woman
    That really I’m a man

    Hold on—I only want to take you higher
    Hold on—You are the root of my desire
    Hold on—C’mon baby light my fire
    Hold on

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