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    Rykers »

    Rykers Hunting Season текст песни

    Hunting Season

    resumption of the worst habit
    where has your conscience gone
    no respect or consideration
    dropping those you leaned on
    sorry… is that all you can say?
    walking by as if nothing mattered
    it?‚??s not nearly important as you think
    for the emotionally bruised and battered

    …the ones you loved… retaliate!

    low… how low
    must one person sink
    to be proud of such a way of life
    collecting broken hearts and promise — rings
    once again — you got away with it
    are you happier now than you?‚??d been before?
    this time you may have won the battle
    but be assured you?‚??ll loose the war!!!!
    ….. reatliation…is…right…at…hand…..!

    something to prove?
    there?‚??s no real reason?
    straining to see what?‚??s the hunting season?
    turn the parts…upside down
    never underestimate…disappointment unbound!!!!

    …disappointment unbound!!!!

    …you?‚??ll loose the war!

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