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    Romanovsky And Phillips »

    Romanovsky And Phillips Hymn текст песни


    (I have no patience left for the Catholic Church. For those who
    Do, it is my hope that you will not compromise yourselves but
    Will aggressively work towards bringing them into the 20th

    If there’s something to be learned
    From examining the past
    It’s that institutions change
    Or else they do not last
    Now you are such a dinosaur
    In the ancient ways you think
    And if you do not soon adapt
    You too will be extinct

    I believe that Christ’s intention
    Many centuries ago
    Was to serve and to enlighten
    And to guide our spiritual growth
    But the latest word from Rome
    Is not a loving one at all
    If Jesus walked on earth today
    I think he’d be appalled

    Now the priesthood’s quickly shrinking
    But you won’t let women in
    And instead of teaching safer sex
    You condemn it as a sin
    You deny all women the right
    To decide their bodies’ fate
    Suggesting that their purpose here
    Is just to procreate

    You say that gays and lesbians
    Are fallen from God’s grace
    And tacitly you sanction
    All the violence that we face
    You distort the Bible’s words
    To support your platitudes
    But bigotry is not
    A very Christian attitude

    Now as for reformation
    I have very little hope
    But if you think it can be done
    Go and tell it to the Pope
    ‘Cause the clergy and parishioners
    Who are still inside the closet
    Support this persecution
    Even if they do not cause it

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