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  • McFly »

    McFly Hypnotise текст песни


    I feel like I’ve been here once before
    You threw my bags out through the
    Door and in the Road
    I came home to find them on the floor
    And as the rain began to poor
    I got cold

    And I tried to compromise
    But you keep telling all these lies
    Now I don’t get to say my
    Last goodbyes

    Goodbye to you’ve been wastin
    All my time
    Your no longer mine
    Now you’ve left me
    I can’t seem to get you off my mind
    Thats when I realised you had me hynotized

    Why am I now living on my own
    She keeps inviting people home all the time
    Why am I still paying for her phone
    When all the luxuries she owns should be mine

    Now I start to wunder why
    You shrug me off when I say hi
    You treat me so bad
    Despite how hard I try


    Girl you can’t hold me back no more
    Your not even worth me writing lyrics for
    We had something good together
    Do you think you were being clever
    To throw me out in awfull weather
    How do I forget you now

    I can’t get you off my mind
    That’s when I realised you had me hypnotised


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