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    T-bone I Been Looking Around текст песни

    I Been Looking Around

    Growing up we didn’t have much
    I still remember mom in the welfare line
    Pops on the corner slanging flowers trying to make a dime
    Hustling hard, working beyond a nine to five
    Praying somebody stop but cars just keep passing him by
    My older sister ran away and chose a life of crime
    My younger sister getting calls from these older guys
    I still hear the sound of them sirens running through my mind
    Saw grandma die in a stretcher before my very eyes
    And who could forget the flames coming outta my room
    Wit firefighters trying to save everything that ain’t ruined
    It’s bad enough we barely making ends meet
    Now we ain’t even got a blanket or a place to sleep, man
    We all been through struggles and em’ harder times
    And at times it seems like there ain’t no peace of mind
    But just, when I started to doubt, thinking nobody cares
    I looked up and found that you was always right there

    Still looking for, keep looking for
    Out searching, nothing working, steady looking for…
    Still waiting for, keep waiting for
    True love, one love, what we waiting for…

    Moved to Southern Cali and bought me a baller crib
    Wit marble floors, high ceilings and a pool to swim
    I got a, lot of famous high profile friends
    A white Benz laced wit them chrome spinning rims
    Top dollar brand fashion and a Jacob watch
    Bracelet wit canaries and em flawless rocks
    I went from playa hated to Grammy nominated
    To making movies wit Cuba and Beyonce now they say I made it
    Finally got my music making all the headlines
    Radio spinning my single back to back 10 times
    But still it wasn’t everything that I thought it be
    Found me searching for love and life’s remedy
    Money bought me cars, power and yachts
    I’m still distraught, got my stomach tangled in knots
    Sad and depressed, finally after everything I been through
    I found out the only thing that was missing was you

    We all pretty much looking for the same thang
    We soul searching trying get through life’s long maze
    I been to mountain tops looking for the most high
    So many valleys lows, never thought I’d get by
    So many shattered dreams, all the broken promises
    Lied to, left for dead, emotional apocalypse
    We all looking for the answers of what and why
    Choose win or loose in this life we can live or die
    And never fill that empty space that we feel inside
    I know ya hurting, see the pain written in ya eyes
    Tried the drugs, tarot cards, and astrology
    Blaze up the purple haze, transcend reality
    Trying leave all of your problems behind
    And some of yall put ya faith a nine
    I got mine when I, gave up tha life
    Swapped it out for the better one
    Finally found true wealth, Never gonna find myself…

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