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  • Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd I Went to The Mirror текст песни

    I Went to The Mirror

    In a voice soaked with euphoria:

    I went to the mirror this morning
    I looked in the mirror instead
    The first thing to come into focus
    Was a face wrapped all around my head
    There’s something sticking out of the middle
    I guess it’s my nose (I suppose)
    I just don’t recognize those eyes
    All these years I’ve been watching from the other side

    The voice is now one of brutal stupefication. The underlying question is — If
    you went crazy, would you know it?

    Uh oh, here I go thinking them crazy thoughts again.
    Who is that there? You mean I been walking around
    in that all these years? What’s it all about?
    Where’s it all at? I don’t want to get heavy but
    what am I doing here? uh

    My lip has a dark spot upon it
    (The voice of a mature adult who’s comprehensive
    capacity has suddenly been reduced to that of a
    cherrystone clam)
    My teeth look like plastic in chips
    And there on my chin I discover
    One lonely red and arrogant zit
    I went about my business this morning
    You got to get out of bed and make that bread
    But try as I may to get away
    I won’t forget what I seen in the mirror today

    Boogie on out to a brand new day.
    Get off your back and dance!

    I seen my eyes. I seen my nose. My lips. My teeth.
    My, my gums. I seen my gums! I looked all the way
    down my throat! I looked at my ears. I looked real
    hard at my ears. I looked at my hair. I think I’m going
    bald. I had hair all over the sink or something…

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