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    Tammy Wynette »

    Tammy Wynette I Wish I Had A Mommy Like You текст песни

    I Wish I Had A Mommy Like You

    There lives a little boy in the house next door to me
    And as usual his mommy was gone
    So he came over this morning and sat down next to me
    And asked why does mommy leave me alone
    But he’ll find out someday why his mommy stays away
    And why a woman needs arms to hold her tight
    And that she would stay at home and not leave him all alone
    If his daddy didn’t stay away at night
    He said I wish I had a mommy like you just like you
    To hold me in her arms the way you do
    When I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep
    And I ask for a mommy like you

    Though a tear fell from his eye he was trying not to cry
    I said don’t worry everything will be all right
    So you just wait and see and I held him close to me
    Just like I held his daddy last night
    He said I wish…
    And I ask for a mommy like you

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