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    Tal Bachman »

    Tal Bachman I Wonder текст песни

    I Wonder

    Dad says it’s striking
    How I look like you
    And how we share the same eyes
    Yes, he swears I’m just a smaller form of you

    But brittle bones and a wisp of white hair
    Are all I see in that old rocking chair

    Tell me, how long have you been around?
    And how long Њtil you’re underground?
    Tell me, how can a son be a father,
    A mother a daughter,
    And I be a man someday?
    Well, I wonder
    Yes I do, I really wonder

    Could I belong to someone so old, who
    Can only speak in whispers
    And who cannot hear a single word I say

    You’re a man with a quivering hand
    How we’re connected I just can’t understand


    But when I think of how you smile
    And the way you look at me
    It isn’t hard to recognize

    Форма обратной связи