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    N Sync »

    N Sync I’ll Never Stop текст песни

    I’ll Never Stop


    Uhh, yeah

    I’ll, I’ll, I’ll never stop

    I don’t know

    Do you believe me

    After all that’s said and done

    All the lies

    How I regret them baby now

    I am the loser

    And you’re shinin’ like the sun

    Tell me why can’t I still be the one, alright


    I will never stop until you’re mine

    I can wait forever till the end of time

    ‘Cause my heart is in your hands

    Don’t you understand

    I’ll never stop

    I’ll never stop

    How could I ever

    When my heart is in your hands

    And I know

    Baby there is no turnin’ back

    You’ll say that I’m crazy

    And I kind of understand

    How I wish for this lament to end

    Oh, yes


    Yeah, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll never stop

    Girl you believe me

    And my heart is in your hands

    Don’t you understand

    I’ll never stop

    I will never stop (ohh)

    Till the end of time (I can wait forever)

    Always in your hands (my heart is in your hands)


    Please, hang up and try your call again

    Please, hang up, this is a recording

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