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    Romeo I’m The Baddest текст песни

    I’m The Baddest


    Nobody get money quite like I can

    Couple shows couple million like the bank in my hand

    Couple cars couple women boy you cant understand

    How kid could be such a grown man

    And Im a winner baby I cant lose

    And the winner is platinum P. Miller shoes

    In the summer is a CL5, Im so alive

    Eyes wide open when them dos start to rise

    Im on another level iced link chain

    Im sprung like T-Pain

    When they lookin at the puzzle mo press then Fort Knox

    Either you wit it boy cause we wont stop

    I got the whole streets backin me, whole club jumpin to it

    Richie Rich Imma move it right before its Guttar Music

    So hard to stand when Im comin trough yo hood

    I keep em around like Im up to no good

    [Hook: x2]

    Im the baddest alive you can see my clothes

    You can see my cars you can see my chain

    Im the baddest alive how I get that dough

    How I rock them shows how I do my thing

    [Verse: girls]

    Im the king of the thrown yo kid killin the game

    Well I take off my shirt your girl screamin my name

    They say (I love Richie Rich) I say I love em the same

    Keep the love like a pimp you see the ice on my chain

    They say Im doin my thang and I know Im doin my thang

    All the way to the bank boy gettin the change

    No stoppin me Im the hot combatable LeBron James of the game

    First P. Miller to ride the street

    Now who the baddest alive its no evident

    No other then I keep the hood president

    No one better then cold Im a veteran

    Leavin tha game with the flu and no medicine

    Been raised by the number one hustler

    I’ve been gettin it every since my days as a youngster

    So dont rep the clues just cause your confused

    Look whose winning the rap game you gon lose


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