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    Madonna »

    Madonna In This Life текст песни

    In This Life

    Sitting on a park bench
    Thinking about a friend of mine
    He was only 23
    Gone before he had his time
    It came without a warning
    Didn’t want his friends to see him cry
    He knew the day was dawning
    And I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye


    In this life I loved you most of all
    What for?
    ‘Cause now you’re gone and I have to ask myself
    What for?

    What for?
    Driving down the boulevard
    Thinking about a man I knew
    He was like a father to me
    Nothing in the world that he wouldn’t do
    Taught me to respect myself
    Said that we’re all made of flesh and blood
    Why should he be treated differently
    Shouldn’t matter who you choose to love



    People pass by and I wonder who’s next
    Who determines, who knows best
    Is there a lesson I’m supposed to learn in this case
    Ignorance is not bliss


    Have you ever watched your best friend die [what for]
    Have you ever watched a grown man cry [what for]
    Some say that life isn’t fair [what for]
    I say that people just don’t care [what for]
    They’d rather turn the other way [what for]
    And wait for this thing to go away [what for]
    Why do we have to pretend [what for]
    Some day I pray it will end

    I hope it’s in this life
    I hope it’s in this life time

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