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    Rpwl In Your Dreams текст песни

    In Your Dreams

    No communication
    Ev’ry breath is like a treat
    You feel the wind is blowing
    But your heart can’t stand the heat
    It’s dark, I’ve never been without you by my side

    Tell me what do you fell when you die in your dreams

    You’ll never find the answer
    This is the last day of your life
    Come with me and we are together
    All is left behind

    Final expectations
    They’re moving into range
    The journey to my book of dreams
    Writes another page
    It’s dark, the fairy-tale was written long before

    Tell me what do you feel when you die in your dreams

    You’ll never….
    I promise to guide you to a place you once called home
    And when it seem that they’re drawing the curtain
    A new sun shines on you

    How can you feel this way
    Who knows the truth about your live
    And what do we have, when all leads us to an end
    Now I see things in a special way
    Come on and touch the universe
    Now we’re together, don’t go away

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