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    Don Fardon »

    Don Fardon Indian Reservation текст песни

    Indian Reservation

    They took the whole Indian nation
    Put us on this resevation
    Took away our way of life
    Tomahawk and the prairie-knife.
    Took away our native tongue
    Taught their English to our young
    And all the beads we made by hand
    Are nowadays made in Japan.
    Cherokee people
    Cherokee tribe
    So proud you lived
    So proud you’ll die.
    They took the whole Indian nation
    Put us on this reservation
    Brick built houses by the score
    Won’t need tepees anymore.
    Although they’ve changed our ways of old
    They’ll never change our heart and soul
    And suddenly when the world has learned
    Cherokee Indian will return.
    Will return
    Will return
    Will return
    Will return
    Will return!

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