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    Interpretive Reading

    Do you mind telling me what is on your head

    Who is that
    said George
    Where are you?

    Right behind you
    said the voice
    Look here

    George looked and saw two eyes

    Who are you
    he asked the eyes
    Are you a ghost

    Huh, yes
    The eyes replied
    But I will have you call me Fred
    I still want to know what is on your head

    Oh, that
    Said George
    I’d forgotten about that
    It is my hat I used when I was playing astronaut

    Please take it off
    Said Fred
    It makes your voice sound off

    So George took off the hat
    Is that better
    He asked

    Much, much, much better
    Fred replied
    You have a nice voice
    If you give it a chance
    Maybe you’ll get your choice

    Thank you
    Said George
    Nobody ever told me that before

    What brings you hear
    Asked Fred
    This is no place for a boy alone

    Oh, but yes it is
    Said George
    What about you
    Why are you here

    It’s a long story
    Fred replied
    Why don’t you take off your pants and I’ll tell you
    But be brief with your briefs

    I’m here to guard some treasure

    Where is that

    Where you least expect it

    The end

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