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  • Running Wild »

    Running Wild Into The Fire текст песни

    Into The Fire

    [Music: Rolf Kasparek]
    [Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek]

    Here comes the finale, time to pay your dues
    A law without mercy, you have to take the truth
    No worldly powers could force the fate
    Universal judgement of the highest grade

    Time’s right to find out if you’re wrong or right
    Time is running short now, beware the law will strike
    Evil souls are fading in the flames
    No more lies and no more games

    Into the fire
    Blackened hearts will burn
    Into the fire
    The flames of no return

    Drop all your blindness and your soul could last
    Being proud and headstrong means you’ll dying fast
    Drowning in the fires your sad and final price
    Melting in the pyre to burn away your lies


    The true and final judgement is about to come
    They are judge and jury, they are all in one
    Deviding good from evil, deviding truth from lie
    A case of survival or a "Go to hell and die!"


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