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    Rodney Crowell It’s A Different World Now текст песни

    It’s A Different World Now

    To make the world a better place like dreamers often will

    We left our bed of roses to push that rock up hill

    The way we went about our task proved destined for to fail

    Just who we thought we were .. don’t ask .. there’s no way you can tell

    It’s a different world now…to say the least

    The sun comes up from in the west and sets down in the east

    The stars are out there shining but where we can not say

    It’s a different world now like night and day

    In the name of self defense we built bombs to prove a point

    We’d drop them on our neighbors when their nose got out of joint

    To sell the same hamburger rain forests had to go

    » we don’t need no air to breathe but just don’t tell us no «

    It’s a different world now… without a doubt

    Raindrops fall to heaven and the tides go rolling out

    The rivers flow like powdered milk the wind blows with a wheeze

    It’s a different world now there are no trees

    In life’s rich beauty pageant we put children on a stage

    Said flash your soft white belly child but just don’t act your age

    Sell sex like cotton candy to young and old alike

    When you’ve outlived the fantasy then you can take a hike

    It’s a different world now… but what to do

    We had our fifteen minutes and blew it right on cue

    We used up mother nature like a twenty dollar whore

    It’s a different world now …. there ain’t no more

    I take a look around and I see ice caps in your eyes

    Desert where the swamp should be neath cold black canvas skies

    I take a look around and I see crossbones on a rose

    How we let this come to be seems no one really knows

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