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    N Sync I’ll Never Stop текст песни

    I’ll Never Stop


    I’ll (I’ll)
    I’ll never stop

    I don’t know
    Do you belive me
    After all the sad end done
    All the lies how I regrate and baby now
    I am a looser and you shining like a sun
    Tell me why can I still be your one
    All right…

    I will never stop until you’re mine
    I can live forever ’til the end of time
    ’cus my heart is in you’re hands
    Don’t you understand
    I’ll never stop

    I’ll naver stop

    How could I ever been my heart is in your hands
    And I know baby there is no turning back
    Say that I’m crazy and I’ve kind off understand
    How I wish for this nightmare to end
    (back to chours)

    Do you belive me
    When my heart is in you’re hands
    Don’t you understand
    I’ll never stop

    I will never stop ’til the end of time (I can waitting forever)
    For is in you’re hands ( my heart is in you’re hands)
    (back to chours)

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