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    Lizzy Thin »

    Lizzy Thin Johnny текст песни


    Somewhere on the waterfront Johnny’s hiding with a gun
    Swears he’ll kill any man that tells his story
    He’s not sorry for what he’s doen

    He broke into a drugstore
    To cure his daily need
    He didn’t mean to shoot the guard
    But he was blinded by the greed

    Oh Johnny

    You see that nun, she’s his sister
    She doesn’t know that he’s gone bad
    When they told it to his father
    It drove the old man mad

    Just as his mother warned him
    From her dying bed
    It’s alright to lose your heart
    But never lose your head

    Oh Johnny

    Now the cops have got him surrounded
    And he doesn’t stand a hope
    He wonders how he could be in so much trouble
    Over just a little dope

    Five to one he gets away
    That’s the odds I’m going to give
    Five to four they blast him away
    Three to one he’s going to live

    Oh Johnny

    Back in the alley where he was slain
    I thought I heard something move
    Beside the trash can lay a heart and chain
    The picture had been removed

    Just another juiced up junkie
    Looking for a bed
    It’s alright to lose your heart
    But never lose your head

    Oh Johnny

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