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    Dogwood »

    Dogwood Just Because текст песни

    Just Because

    I failed you before,
    But you gave me a chance to do it over and over again.

    How can I be, just like someone else,
    When you let me do whatever I please.
    Born free to choose, but not to lose.
    What you gave me I have up so freely.

    Quarantine me from degradation.
    Help me stand strong in my faith.
    I’m a weak man,
    I’ll do it again.

    Battle with my flesh,
    Without you I can’t win.
    Please control me.
    Take me in your arms,
    I need to be sheltered from harm.

    I failed before.
    I’ll fail you a million times more.
    Don’t show me the door,
    Nurse me back to health.
    I’m ailing and I need your medicine.

    You’re my doctor,
    My father
    And my friend,
    This is not the end.

    A new beginning, a fresh new start. Lord I let you in and you filled my heart.

    I’m no Superman,
    The "S" on my chest is for sin yet salvation ’cause I confessed.
    How can I do,
    The things you want me to?
    When you are perfect,
    And I am not you.
    Grant me wisdom to see what’s important.
    I’m not confided.

    I failed before.
    I’ll fail you a millions times more.

    I fall down on my knees,
    To take a stand.
    Lord I lift my hands,
    To reach out to you.
    Please grab a hold of me,
    Never let go.
    Lord it’s your will,
    I need to show.
    Trust in the Lord,
    With all your heart.

    Lean not on your own understanding.
    In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.
    I failed before.
    I won’t fail you anymore.

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