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    Braxton Tamar »

    Braxton Tamar Just Cuz текст песни

    Just Cuz

    Yeah, Redzone
    Tamar, back at’chu
    Uh-huh, what? uh uh uh

    1 — Just because I’m here with you
    Don’t mean that I’m feeling you
    Because I spend my time with you
    Don’t mean that I’m into you
    Just because I spend your loot
    Don’t mean you tell me what to do
    Stop calling me, stop paging me
    I’m sorry that you’re sprung on me

    You’ve been acting like a fool
    Since I got with you-ooh
    Now you don’t know what to do
    Cause I put that thing on you
    Thought that you would be good
    Boy you need to check yourself
    Before you be by yourself
    I understand you’re sweatin’ me
    But you know you ain’t gotta be
    All up in my face, oh

    Repeat 1 (2x)

    Boy you should check your game
    Cause my feelings ain’t the same
    Not in my house, spending days
    Till we get this problem straight
    But I do appreciate
    You always knew the deal
    But I gotta keep it real
    No room for a new romance
    Thought you would understand
    That you’ll never be my man

    You should you know
    That you’re no use
    So don’t you come to me and you
    Don’t call my phone
    Stop paging me all night long
    Cause I don’t need you anymore
    Just because…

    Repeat 1 (2x)

    99 Redzone, Tamar wassup, uh-huh Tamar

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