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    Romeo »

    Romeo Just Me &Amp; You текст песни

    Just Me &Amp; You

    (feat. Silkk The Shocker, C-Los)

    [Intro: Romeo]


    Uh huh uh

    Yall gonna feel me on this one

    Real talk

    Uh huh uh


    [Verse: Romeo]

    Look, now shawty like a model I dont know what she did to me

    The way she licked her lips damn, I thought she was into me

    Shawty run the game, this cant be right

    Me, Im a pimp I aint bout to waist my time

    Why play games she know that Im frontin

    Well it aint hard too look in that new 600

    The way she move them hips got my heart straight runnin

    Whole body move like she got an upset stomach

    Took them heels off and she run bare footed

    I swear she move just like that girl from goodies

    I wanna make her mine but its like she knew it

    The whisper song came on and she got into it

    So I just P game yea she’s something exotic

    The whole club bouncin gettin bout it bout

    Far from a playa but Im somethin like it

    I see you wit me but Im far from a psychic

    [Hook x2: Romeo]

    Its just me and u so shawty want you wanna do

    I’ll buy you the mall if you want me too me and u

    I like they way you move them hips

    How you lick them lips lets cruise

    [Verse: C-Los]

    Yea, yea

    You know mean eyes the low key type

    And all black but you know he bright

    Shinin like then police lights

    I seen a chick Im like oh she nice

    I pull over and say baby my names Moses

    She said hi I am Crystal and I come from Minnesota

    And I holla Im a gutta no limit frontline soldier

    We can shake the spot (yea) we gon take the drop

    My secret spot (yea) introduce you to my yacht

    She like oh fo sho and do you got some smoke

    I say I got the goods whatever floats your boat

    I took her to the Benz wave by to your friends

    Up in they cant see behind the 5 percent

    Sheets was a little hizzy I put it in the air

    She gave me some breeze without touchin my hair

    Yea its Gs Up get your Gs Up yall know when u see us

    [Hook x2: Romeo]

    [Verse: Silkk the Shocker]

    Take a ride with a playa put you up on game

    Show you a few things how to spot out the lane

    See Im never gon change I remain the same

    Im make Jacob Abra, Vera Wayne

    See to me it aint nothin real to a boss

    Only wanna worry about it, if they cant afford what it cost

    Cause even right now Im so strange

    Cuz I went from havin no change to da off white Phantom like cocaine

    New coop for my new boot, pockets look like JJ

    Now all of a sudden she doin it big like Bruce Spruce

    Rock the latest shit think want baby want baby get

    But Im a grown man I aint got time to baby-sit

    I aint got time to worry about who the hell baby wit

    Cause if she aint right Im throwin em back like 86

    And yea this nigga crazy rich

    But plus Im good in the bedroom like Al Green greatest hits

    [Hook x2: Romeo]

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