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    Running Wild »

    Running Wild Land of Ice текст песни

    Land of Ice

    In 1987 they build a new machine
    To conquer our future, to face things never seen
    Curious of new weapons with more power to destroy
    Ready for the wars with their exciting dangerous toy

    Flickering lights in the dark indicating ignition
    Energy runs through the circuits to start the transmission

    Land of ice

    In 1999 they find their destination
    But reality on the screens destroys their fascination
    Ruins and debris neither life nor the spore
    A desert of ice with all the signs of nuclear war

    Only the wind is breaking the threatening silence
    Sensors show no human beings are living here now

    But there are shadows moving around the vessel more and more
    Disfigured creatures gathering, scratching claws on the door
    The choir of the damned built of thousands of rough throats
    «You are the humans of the past, who blasted our hopes»

    May you come to see desolate world you created
    Now you can take back a message to spread in your time
    Tell’em what happens if they will continue this madness
    Stop building bombs which are able to change the world
    Into the land of ice

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