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    Divina Enema Leave Thy Castle Again текст песни

    Leave Thy Castle Again

    (If the doors of perception were cleansed
    everything would appear to man as it is,
    infinte. For man has closed himself up
    till he sees all things thro’ narrow
    chinks of his cavern)

    "Irritation! Irritation!"-
    Ye are always waiting for
    "Invitation! -
    Blow away the castle wall!"
    Ye as one are Dark’s creatures.
    Ye’ll have gotten this salvation.
    Ye wilt drive to desperation anyone…
    And so shalt we
    "We used to see a GOD! — OUR GOD!"
    SO WHAT!
    "Time to know! Time to know!"-
    Time to kill wilt come at once
    "Break the wall! Look out the law"
    Don’t ye want to look above
    Your diseases and your wish -
    There are ye as headless fish there…
    In either event we shalt throw out
    Your heinous bowels

    "Please leave thy castle again
    ‘Till we’d like to feel thy might,
    But we won’t have been waiting too long
    And soon the sunset will kill us all,
    ‘CAUSE -"In GOD we trust"-
    But ye are servants of Satan
    Whilst ye submit to his laws -
    There is no need to speak of honour
    Of the eternal life -
    Ye have kept your death as knife
    "While we stay here,
    Please our master
    Do not leave us alone"

    Ye left"OUR GOD"in churches
    Having fed him with stone by stone
    But when ye had come in one day…
    "We have found our Lord was gone"
    What’s done cannot be undone
    "But we have felt that something’s wrong"…
    Because your rope broke under the strain…
    We’ll take the chain
    And build
    Your gallows-tree again.

    "We’ve seen the pair of glowing eyes -
    With fear we watch as they do shine
    Make them forsake us like an aim -
    Make them await
    Until we fade
    In a sewerage of time.

    Devil, Devil art thou here?
    Thou won’t bore and disappear!
    Can’t thou leave our mansions for a while?
    Thou, who whilest away the time
    On our tables while we dine…
    Thou wilt feed us all until we die
    The Chain reaction -
    That’s what we call this thing!

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