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    Террор Less Than Zero текст песни

    Less Than Zero

    I can’t believe you sunk this low, so low
    You pushed too hard and lost control
    Now death is reaching for your hand
    and when theres nothing left
    you start reaching back
    Shoveling shit up your nose
    Needle to your arm
    Less than zero
    The bottle calls
    You run to it
    and I need it too
    anything to forget

    Self destruct
    You’re killing yourself
    You gotta fight
    Pick yourself back up

    And man I’ve been there too
    Numbing my broken dreams
    and the love that I’ve killed

    You’re killing oyurself
    You gotta fight or you will

    Self destruct

    I’m scared of me
    I’m scared of you
    because we will

    Self destruct

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