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    Divina Enema »

    Divina Enema Let’s Dance текст песни

    Let’s Dance

    (An Angel came to me and said: ‘O pittable,
    foolish young man! O horrible! O dreadful
    state! Consider the hot, burning dungeon
    thou art preparing for thyself to all
    Eternity, to which thou art going in such career.’)

    What a nice symphony!
    Where are you singing from?
    I heard your voice -
    Perhaps, your lips still speak these magic words:

    I’m looking for your place -
    That godforsaken house
    Far more than too long…

    I was knocking at your door -
    I was sticking in your brain
    Don’t you sleep like a log -
    Don’t you hear as I am screaming?

    The messenger of greed
    Who’s flying on the wings
    He made of glass…

    You awoke ’cause you were born for the dance -
    So let us dance
    Dance right now…
    And shake your bones
    Everywhere as you’ll be able…

    Bring your immortal soul over masquerade,
    Dance and you’ll be never searching for the answers.
    Your life’s just a fiction, just an endless dance…
    Your days do bang so loud — Have you known them all?

    Tell me what do you need for this sleepy waltz
    Tell me what you’d like to see at the celebration?
    You may do all of the things your daemon wants -
    Dance — there’s only one way for the folks and the nations.

    I am your existence;
    I am supposed lust for life
    Have you never known me?
    Didn’t you guess who am I?

    Do you really fear that all your might will fade away?
    Wait until it will have done — this satanic masquerade.

    "I’d like to buy and I’d like to sell -
    There is my might to build and dwell -
    That does give me all what I do need -
    I’d like to buy and I’d like to build
    I’d like to have the keen sight
    ‘Cause I want to get an eyeful
    Of all thoughts are going on
    Through the darkness and the light."

    You become rich and clever with every passing day.
    You afraid to think that someone can devastate all that you’ve got…
    And whilst you’re going to ask that SWINE -
    It will have spoken no word, will be completing this End of the World

    And what (are you going to speak) about some food for the second flood?
    What about house that made of wood?
    What about bed and fireplace?
    What about wife and child in lace?
    What about dead before they cooled?
    What about quest HOW- D’YE — DO?
    What about breakfast, what about lunch?
    What about what about what about SO MUCH?

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