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    T-Pain Let’s Get It On текст песни

    Let’s Get It On

    Let’s Get It on Tonight [Rpt 4x]

    [Verse 1:]
    It seems as if you just talkin it and don’t know what to do (Let’s get it on)
    I can feel you clenchin got yo body flinchin when I’m touchin you (Let’s get it on)
    Girl you know I got that good thang
    you wouldn’t understand it’s a hood thang (on oon)
    U can walk the walk but can u talk the talk is what you should sang
    (Let’s get it on tonight)

    5ft5 got my eyes so wide and I’m holdin that
    (Let’s get it on tonight)
    I can see it in your eyes you want me behind so you can throw it back
    (Let’s get it on tonight) I can’t even lie I got a need for your theighs nothin wrong with that
    (Let’s get it on tonight)
    Girl is u feelin me, u killin me, u feelin me, u killin me, u feelin me
    (Let’s get It on tonight)

    [Verse 2:]
    I ain’t got to worry about cha you can handle everythang that I’m givin u
    (Let’s get it on)
    Even if I saw your face in a darker place I would be feelin u
    (Let’s get it on)
    I ain’t no virgin shawty I can hurt yo body you done heard about me (on ooon)
    You can walk the walk but can u talk the talk is what u should sang
    (Let’s Get It On Tonight)


    [Verse 3:]
    Girl you fine ass hell mama done you well I see it in yo face
    (Let’s get it on)
    I’mma beat you down like a 12
    (badat badat badat)
    You in for a treat, I’mma sweep you off your feet
    i’mma put it down so right have you feelin like you higher than a kite girl
    (Let’s get it on tonight)

    [Chorus Rpt 2x]

    Let’s Get It On Tonight [Rpt 4x]

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