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    Talking Heads »

    Talking Heads Lifetime Piling Up текст песни

    Lifetime Piling Up

    I have tried marijuana

    I get nervous every time

    There will come a knockin’ at the door

    Why is everybody makin’ eyes at me?

    I don’t want to know

    Excuse and pardon me

    Stay for a while

    Maybe we’ll never

    Meet again

    I can see my lifetime piling up

    I can see the days turn into nights

    I can see the people on the street

    Open those windows up

    A hundred floors below me

    Pilin’ those houses up

    Pilin’ them higherhigherhigher

    I can feel them swayin’ back and forth

    Building it higherhigher

    This tower’s learning over

    I got bad coordination

    Stuck a pencil in my eye

    I can hardly wait to get back home

    Why is everybody gettin’ paranoid?

    I’s only havin’ fun

    Scum-bags and superstars

    Tell me your names

    I’ll make a betyou’re

    Both the same

    I can see my lifetime pilin’ up

    Reaching from my bedroom to the stars

    I can see the house where I was born

    When I was growin’ up — they say that

    I could never keep my trousers up

    I remember days and crazy nights

    Are there any pirates on this ship?

    And if they sober up — they’ll have us

    Home by morning


    It’s just you and i

    Like an automobile

    With no one at the wheel

    Spinning out of control

    We’re all over the road

    In our sexy machine

    All the passengers scream


    I can see my lifetime pilin’ up

    I can see it smashin’ into yours

    It was not an accident at all

    Open your window up — I hear you laughin’

    Goin’ onetwothreefourfive

    Goin’ from the bottom to the top

    Maybe I’m holding on too tight

    And now I’m growin’ up

    I got a funny feeling

    Pilin’ those houses up

    Pilin’ them higherhigherhigher

    Building that highway to the stars

    And turning the music up — hey!

    I got a winning number

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