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  • Saafir »

    Saafir Liquid Ho Magnet текст песни

    Liquid Ho Magnet

    [VERSE 1: Saafir]

    See, it’s the slickness of liquid

    Keep a chick chirpin out my peripheral in all her trickness

    Have no idea of the caliber of sick shit

    Bed she’s invitin, but she has a fear, I can sense it

    Beyond your ???? breathin, lyin-ass heathen, I betcha

    You could do it by yourself without me havin to wetcha

    Let you in if you spin with me right

    All the time so I can stay tight on the grind

    That’s my forte but won’t flaunt it

    Though you probably wouldn’t never know

    I’m a plumber, hoe

    One you haven’t seen [???] scream hop like summer hope

    That’s heat collidin with game that’s deep so I’ll keep

    Divin but all that really defeats the purpose of

    Why I’m really hollerin at you as a straight hustler

    Which is the mindstate of these witches

    That be gettin other niggas blind-mind raped by other bitches

    See, some ain’t knownin they be workin as a team

    When they be workin on a nigga with major cream

    These hoes is dragnets, policin the mark-made

    I be peepin liquid hoes trippin in dark shades

    [CHORUS: Shock G]

    The Magnet make em bounce back like elastic

    Plottin on my assets, I play past it

    Overflowin hoes’ domes like coffee cups without lids

    Cause I’m liquid

    [VERSE 2: Saafir]

    I keep mines overflown, over grown

    You keep me overblown like a jazz saxophone

    At your home by your request and my yes yes y’all

    You wanna brawl me cause you’re feelin fawlty

    Cause I pulled the sunglasses off my nose and told you

    I don’t ride around town with hoes but I can mold you

    But only if you want me to, but don’t gas me

    You want me all over you but yet you can’t grasp me

    You’re passin to the next pair of tits to get advice

    From another trick that’s older than you but born slow

    Keepin the shit super twisted like a cornrow

    You’re not fuckin with a semi-pro where the eagle stopped

    On a status quo, I can share half my area

    But you have to learn to board this here aircraft carrier

    I hope you’re not flower like a clarinette

    Especially when I’m sharper than a berinette

    But knowin your gene pool you’ll forget that pact

    We made over uncracked ??? and a fat-ass sack

    I used to think time with you would be ageless

    Now you’re in court tryin to garnish all my wages

    Only till I situate underground and stash shit

    Before I let a liquid hoe liquidate all my assets


    [VERSE 3: Saafir]

    I can smell that ass a mile away

    You just a smell away from crazy but you can aid me

    As a monarch if you try and fade me with the wrong heart

    Shit might happen without it bein said, sendin you postcars

    All the way from the edge

    I know it’s that mental magnet in my head

    That’s pullin and resurrectin you from the dead

    I got this sick magnetic attraction indeed

    To those in dire need of some satisfaction

    I’m no pretty boy poster pin-up

    Don’t concentrate on my looks or we’ll end up

    At the end of (butt naked)


    [Shock G]

    It’s the liquid hoes got me tipsy

    Liquid hoes got me real tipsy

    Liquid hoe magnets

    Saucee Nomad

    Lets you liquid hoes really know


    Shock G

    ..on the panties

    Side, side, side

    Hobo Junction

    For all you liquid-ass hoes

    Go on

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