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    Tammy Wynette Listen Spot текст песни

    Listen Spot

    A conversation caught my ear I wish I hadn’t heard
    My little boy said listen spot but don’t you bark a word
    Daddy’s got a girl friend but he can’t let mommy know
    And night spot is when he’s not here I bet that’s where he goes
    But listen spot I saw him wash the lipstick from his shirt
    Then he told mom the car broke down and it was grease and dirt
    But only lips can make red prints shake like an engine’s blow
    But listen spot that can’t tell mom he don’t want her to know
    [ steel ]
    So listen spot don’t even bark it’s time we got to sleep
    We said our prayers and we prayed hard for daddy not to cheat
    Let’s play like it’s a bond we found and there it is tonight
    But listen spot don’t dig it up for everyone with cry

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