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    Run Dmc Livin’ in The City текст песни

    Livin’ in The City

    livin in the.. livin in the.. livin in the.. livin in the ci-tayyyy!
    (This what happens in the city e’ryday)

    [Run-D.M.C.] The city..

    c-c-livin in the ci-tayyyy!

    [Run-D.M.C.] The ci..

    c, ci-c, ci-c-c-c-c-ci-tayyyy!

    From the city, although it ain’t pretty
    And times gettin down to the nitty gritty
    The city busy, traffic tragic
    Magic graphic ain’t nuttin to laugh at
    Poverty, robbery, larceny
    Problems to me so don’t bother me
    with the drugs thugs I ain’t got no time for that
    I’m too busy tryin to get another brother’s, pockets fat
    Stay the fuck in school, cool learn the rule
    Knowledge to fuel the brain the tool
    I kick info just to let you know
    the rhyme gonna show you how far you can go
    in the city

    L-li-li-la-li, li-li-livin in the ci-tayyyy!
    The ci-tayyyy!

    [car tires squeal]

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