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  • Romanovsky And Phillips »

    Romanovsky And Phillips Love is All it Takes текст песни

    Love is All it Takes

    (Now more than ever, with the far right trying to define the
    Structure of the family for us, we must honor and support the
    Courageous women and men who affirm the true definition of family
    Every day of their lives. Dedicated with love to gay and lesbian
    Parents everywhere.)

    Good night my daughter
    Sleep tight, my son
    The world is full of injustices
    Of which you know none
    I wish that I could shelter you
    So you’d never have to see
    The ways in which some folks have made
    An outlaw out of me

    Good night, my precious
    Sweet dreams, my little one
    While the lawyers and the courts decide
    What is to be done
    I wish that you could tell them all,
    When they dare to question me,
    That we’re every bit the model
    Of a perfect family

    It’s not the pot that grows the flower
    It’s not the clock that slows the hour
    The definition’s plain for anyone to see
    Love is all it takes to make a family

    Good night, my child
    So innocent, so young
    When they start teaching you to hate me
    I pray you won’t succumb
    To prejudice and bigotry
    To ignorance and shame
    Because I’m proud of who I am
    And hope you’ll feel the same

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