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  • RZA »

    RZA Love Jones текст песни

    Love Jones

    C’mon Bobby, turn off that loud shit
    Damn, I wanna hear some slow shit that’s gonna relax you
    You know, a nigga, knahmsayin
    Goin through all that shit in the streets n shit
    The hip-hop shit, only shit keep a nigga mind in
    I hear you, but it’s all about me and you right now
    Just take off your shirt
    Cause I wanna massage your back and your shoulders
    My little Buttercup, yaknahmean?
    You a Buttercup girl
    Oh is that right?
    Well, I got Love Jones for you
    Word, tell me about it

    Chorus: Angel Cake

    Love Jones, I got a Love Jones
    I got a Love Jones.. for you
    (repeat 2X)

    [Bobby Digital]
    Yo girl you shinin like a brand new spankin black glock
    Or a thousand hundred dollar bills inside a shoebox
    Exotic bird, special blend of selected fine herbs
    Make me wanna kick my bitch to the curb
    Shaped like a naked statue, but look sacred
    Candy to a baby y’know, I’m ready to take it
    She spread your wings like a peacock
    Girl you be the bomb, and Bobby be shellshocked!
    Behold as I shape and mold your formless globe
    Into a perfect O, and breathe the breath of life into your nose
    With the fragrance of a fresh pink rose
    And stroll into your eyes, the windows to your soul
    And choose the best part, the dark pupil I chose
    Your heart was mutual, into the center I dove
    Backstroke in your abyss like a fish
    Countin every thought and dream and wish, that exists within six
    She was filled with pleasures, of all measures
    But never took the time to discover, her own sunken treasure
    Unlock the jewelry box, knowledge rose to the top
    The distilled back in the fine mists, that gave birth to the crops
    And seas, that brought us together, for the better
    We could never seperate so maintain your stormy weather
    So maintain the stormy weather
    Word up, and let’s walk these dogs together Boo


    [Bobby Digital]
    Yo, Power Equality, Allah C’s Everything my Queen
    Whattup Love, won’t you just slide under my wings
    So we can take flight, to the edge of the night
    And like doves, we makin love above the bright moonlight
    You know I fills you, so let my love pass and spill through
    Your sexual vessels, that bless you then fills you
    Up with knowledge and wisdom you understandin
    That bring forth the power refines your whole planet
    She couldn’t maintain this heavy slang that I dropped upon her
    She claimed it never rains, down in Southern California
    Bein a black man is most prominant and all dominant
    I couldn’t wait to get her home so I could explore her dark continent
    And put my fountain, between her hills and mountains
    Impingin every square inch of her circumfrence I was countin
    Twelve trillion, four hundred and seventy-eight billion
    One hundred and eighteen million, four hundred thousand ways
    To make children, by buildin
    Detected a fine mist but couldn’t resist, I told her,
    «You wanna travel inside my head and see if you could rise above six?»
    Then tilt her at the axis then bent her at her equator
    And stuck the diamond might deep inside the crater


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