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    Lil' Wayne »

    Lil' Wayne Love Me Or Hate Me текст песни

    Love Me Or Hate Me

    Thank U…

    [Verse 1:]

    I’ve Been Through It All, The Fills

    Tha Falls I’m Like Niagra But

    But I Got Right Back Up Like Viagra

    I Am Agricluture, Swagger So Mean

    It Might Insult Ya(Ha) I’m Like An Ultra Vulture

    I Fuck Around And Catipult Ya

    Taught Ya

    Thought Yo Parents Taught Ya

    U Guys Is Cho-Cha

    Imma A Goin Buenos Noches

    Flow Scort Cha

    And I Don’t Even Write

    No Author

    So Harder

    So Smarter

    All About A Dollar Like 4 Quarters

    Oh Father Will Tonight Be My Last

    And If So Make Sure My Kids See My Cash

    And I Know I’m Solid Like An Elbow Cast

    And My Future Will Be Better Than My Past



    You Can Love Me Or Hate Me I Swear It Won’t Make Me Or Break Me

    I’m Goin Wherever Tha Money Take Me Until They Funeral Awake Me

    And Don’t Wake Me Cuz I’m Sleepin I’m Dreamin’ I Kno That There Is

    A Better Way Cuz I’ve Seen It Lord But Just Pass The Money It’s So

    Convenient And I Need It Say I Need It

    [Verse 2:]

    C.A.R.T.E.R. I Spit Movies Like V.C.R.

    I Spit Rymes Like A Te-Ke Bar And If I

    Got Beef I Am Tha Meet Clevor And I

    Are The Illest Nigga Martin Luther King

    Died For And I Ride Four Hollygrove

    1-Seven Eagle Street And I’m Higher Than

    An Eagles Beak But I Beleive In Me Applistic

    Crossreet I Am Just An Off-Spring Born In Tha

    Ghetto That’s Why I Can’t Let Go One Call Will Have

    My Dogs On You Like An Echo Baby I Am Tha Real

    Deal No Picole (Uh) Spit Cical Cell Physco I Go

    Off Like A Motha Fuckin Rifle And I From Tha Underground

    Baby Like A Pipe Hole I Will Stand Tall Like White Poles

    Until The Light Blows


    And U Can Love Me Or Hate Me Baby I Swear It Won’t Make Me

    Or Brake Me And I Be Goin Wherever Tha Money Take Me Until They

    Funeral Awake Me, And Don’t Wake Me Cuz I’m Sleepin And I’m Dreamin

    See I’m Just Hustlin Livin What I Belive In (Dog) And It’s A Problem When

    A Homies Not Eating And I’m Greedie I’m Greedie

    [Verse 3:]

    Share My Blood Feed My Family My Flow Would Have To

    Pleasd Insanity So Sock I Need Grays Anotimy Acid Like A

    Busto Com Battery I’m Cool Like L.A Nights I’m Tight Like Ballet

    Tights A Juelz I Swear Of Tha Day I Pissed Crystal These Bitches

    Tryna Kick It Like "Jun Tile" I Gotta Watch My Head In Tha Battle I’m Just

    Tryna Stare Ahead Of My Shadow And I’m Flown Like A Boat And A Paddle

    Ali-Gators And Raddle Snakes But I Promise I Will Take A Nigga Off Like Saturday

    Got Money To Validate I’m Icy Like Carrot Cake Different Color Of Diamonds

    Make Me Look Like A Salad Plate, I’m Straight Out Tha Alley Way It’s Tha Nigga Ya

    Daddy Hate Weezy F Baby -Crae-


    I Know They Love Me They Hate Me But Imma G It Won’t

    Make Me Or Brake Me And U Can Find Me Wherever The

    Money Place Me (Yea) Until Ya Ridin To Tha Late B And Don’t Wake

    Me Cuz I’m Sleepin And I’m Dreamin And Me And My Lord Got An

    Agreement So I Thank Him For My Acheivements And I’m Weezy

    I’m Wezzy

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