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    Rollins Band »

    Rollins Band Low Self Opinion текст песни

    Low Self Opinion

    I think you got a low self opinion man
    I see you standing all by yourself
    Unable to express the pain of your distress
    You withdraw deeper inside
    You alienate yourself
    And everybody else
    They wonder what’s on your mind
    They got so tired of you
    And your self ridicule
    They wrote you off and left you behind

    You sleep alone at night
    You never wonder why
    All this bitterness wells up inside you
    You always victimize
    So you can criticize yourself
    And all those around you

    The hatred you project
    Does nothing to protect you
    You leave yourself so exposed
    You want to open up
    When someone says
    Lighten up
    You find all your doors closed
    Get yourself a break from self rejection
    Try some introspection
    And you just might find
    It’s not so bad and anyway
    At the end of the day
    All you have is yourself and your mind
    The self hatred that blinds you
    Binds you grinds you keeps you down
    The world falls down around you
    You build up walls around you
    You wear disgust like a crown

    If you could see the you that I see
    When I see you seeing me
    You’d see yourself so differently
    Believe me

    I know the self doubt that runs inside your mind
    I know the self that treats you so unkind

    If you could see the you that I see
    When I see you
    You would see things differently
    I assure you

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