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    Rykers »

    Rykers Lowlife текст песни


    straight edge yelling — drugs selling
    worthless piece of shit
    how can you call yourself true hardcore
    when you can?‚??t deal with it?
    you walk around like (fucking/lord) scarface
    five minor jerks at each hand
    i guess they?‚??re just too hight to get it
    otherwise they would understand…that you?‚??re a

    lowlife…hardcore wannabe
    lowlife…that?‚??s what you are for me

    there must have been better times
    right now i can?‚??t remember a single one
    all my feelings proved to be mistaken
    i thought that we would get along
    but you?‚??re (just) an oversized leech
    draining a scene of its life?‚??s blood
    close your eyes — get lost
    what you see is what you (?‚??ve) got

    lowlife…hardcore wannabe
    lowlife…that?‚??s what you are for me
    lowlife…hardcore wannabe
    lowlife…stay the fuck away from me

    what you say and what you do
    one way or the other comes back to you
    i can?‚??t say that i have found a cure
    but at least i know you…that?‚??s for sure

    …you fucking sell out!!!!!!!!

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