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    Taraxacum Make It Happen текст песни

    Make It Happen

    [Music: T. Exxel - Words: R. Mythisian]

    Mirror, mirror, hangin’ on the wall
    Do I have all that it takes to make it after all?
    Inside I’ve got amtions and I wanna take it all
    I know I need to make a change,
    ’cause if I don’t I’m gonna fall!


    I keep hanging on to my foolish dreams
    How I want it so, I just can’t let it go
    Somehow I feel inside if my will is strong to stay alive,
    A spark will cause a flame
    that sends me shooting to the stars!


    Keep it real — HEY! You can make it happen
    All that you feel, proclaim it to the world!
    Keep chasing dreams, you can make it happen
    Reach for the sky, oh make it happen!!!

    This life we have is short and the years go by so fast
    I got to live each day like it is the last

    [repeat bridge and chorus]

    [solo Danny]

    [repeat bridge and chorus]

    Make it happen!!!

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