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    Romeo Mama Said текст песни

    Mama Said

    [Hook x2: Romeo]

    I’m gon do what mama said

    But ya’ll ain’t gonna tell me how to live my life

    I might be young but I got bread

    I’m straight form the hood so I ain’t afraid

    [Verse 1: Romeo]

    Pops was a hustler even sold drugs

    So it was only right that his son be a thug

    Girls show me love and these niggas just mug

    I’m the prince on the block

    And I never sold drugs

    [Wrong:]H-O-O-P that’s were I rep

    [Right:]H-O-O-D that’s were I rep

    Gotta keep the g up

    White tee I got prep

    Most thugs don’t dance they just 1, 2 step

    Pops danced with that stars

    Yea he changed all that

    Fear no man I’m the meaning of a beast

    God’s Gift to this earth teach others like a priest

    The game is looking tasty and I think its time to feast

    Don’t rock adidas only P. Miller on the feet

    Hard to sleep hearing bullets on the east

    Hang with gorillas don’t blend wit the streets

    Mama said never give up you can make it

    God blessed you don’t let them haters take it

    [Hook x2: Romeo]

    [Verse 2: Romeo]

    Mama said whatever don’t kill you will make you stronger baby

    But that’s hard to believe when kids going crazy

    A ghetto in the sky I think why to belive it

    What about Santa what about Jesus

    That’s how I felt when I lost little Fred

    Crazy how all the good guys end up dead

    These need to stop all the pictures in my head

    Martin Luther in my dreams with a bullet in his head

    Brought up by a solider

    I can’t be scared

    Got the whole hood behind me and the man upstairs

    Life’s like a test you know your gon stress

    People think they know you best

    Let the pain off your chest

    Do you, never follow the rest

    I making millions never got in know mess

    Hater said this, hater said that

    Through the ups and the downs

    I know my fam got my back

    [Hook x2: Romeo]

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