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    Rush Manhattan Project текст песни

    Manhattan Project

    Imagine a time when it all began
    In the dying days of a war
    A weapon — that would settle the score
    Whoever found it first would be sure to do their worst —
    They always had before…

    Imagine a man where it all began
    A scientist pacing the floor
    In each nation — always eager to explore
    To build the best big stick
    To turn the winning trick —
    But this was something more…

    The big bang — took and shook the world
    Shot down the rising sun
    The end was begun — it would hit everyone
    When the chain reaction was done
    The big shots — try to hold it back
    Fools try to wish it away
    The hopeful depend on a world without end
    Whatever the hopeless may say

    Imagine a place where it all began
    They gathered from across the land
    To work in the secrecy of the desert sand
    All of the brightest boys
    To play with the biggest toys —
    More than they bargained for…

    Imagine a man when it all began
    The pilot of «Enola Gay»
    Flying out of the shockwave on that August day
    All the powers that be, and the course of history,
    Would be changed for evermore…

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