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  • Talib Kweli »

    Talib Kweli Manifesto текст песни


    Manifesto this is what we want to see happen
    for my peoples still breakin graf writin and rappin
    I rock the mic right and exact my life’s my sacrifice
    Take my mic and I’m like a Chinese man with no rice
    Oh yeah we flippin through the pages of time to find design
    Like Vaseline on the faces of Black Georgia we shinin
    Deeper than petroleum jelly we in the air like conversations
    on celly and just appear like stretch marks on bellies
    after givin birth you had to let go, you playin for life
    The Manifesto, here comes the beat because I said so keep pushin
    I got the cushion for the seat of your soul
    Back in the day they stole our smile, so we clothe our teeth in gold
    and we frontin, from nigga to kid, to Son of God
    It’s wild dependin on labels for man woman and child
    My style just is, all that’s seen and all that’s heard
    God gave us music so we play with our words
    So when Tek be in constant meditation like a monk
    while Kweli speaks in tongues to get your intellect drunk
    yo we bound to take over the 90% of your brain that you ain’t usin
    To us it’s life or death we keep you chosin

    Every shook eye ain’t seen, every goodbye ain’t gone
    Ain’t no rest for the weary yo forever it’s on
    The Manifesto, establishes a hip-hop order
    Movin upon the face of the water, like Reflections

    Aiyyo all the real MC’s can meet me outside
    So we can decide how we gonna change the tide
    like the moon we on the Earth takin a ride around the Sun
    Now Son we only just begun, and the journey’s far from done
    We all miss you, what your brain gone fishin like Walter Mosley?
    There’s an MC that can hold me, supposedly?
    No one could come close to me, only, the family really know me
    Hip-Hop’s last hope like Obi Wan Kenobi
    Through your television I’m shinin light like a train
    Comin out like earthworms when it rains, bringin it
    like the C.I.A. be bringin in crack cocaine bailin out of planes
    with the George Bush connections, I push Reflection
    like I’m sellin izm, like a dealer buildin the system
    Supply and the demand it’s all capitalism
    Niggaz don’t sell crack cause they like to see blacks smoke
    Niggaz sell crack cause they broke, my battle lyrics
    get concious minds provoked and ghetto passes revoked
    cause we surrounded by the evil, you know that the people’s minds
    is feeble they believe in it, even if it don’t make sense
    This makin dollars shit, don’t take a scholar to
    see what’s goin on around you, either you widdit or you ain’t
    is what it comes down to, have you forgotten?
    We pickin 100% designer name brand cotton
    They still plottin, my Third Eye is steady watchin

    Every shook eye ain’t seen, every goodbye ain’t gone
    Ain’t no rest for the weary yo forever it’s on
    The Manifesto, establishes a hip-hop order
    Movin upon the face of the water, like Reflections

    (Yeah see that’s what I’m talkin about, it be the slaughter man
    We need to break it down because these heads
    they don’t know what they talkin about
    Frontin all this nonsense, yo break it down)

    From open mics to solutions I got a collage of answers
    and a ten point program, just like the Black Panthers
    One: First respect yourself as an artist
    If you don’t respect yourself then your rhymes is garbage
    Two: Make sure your crew is as tight as you
    cause when them niggaz fallin off they gonna bring you down too
    Three: Understand the meaning of MC
    The power to Move the Crowd like Moses split the seas
    Four: Know your shit and don’t ever be blunted
    If you don’t know what your words mean then your rhymes mean nothin
    Five: Kick facts in the raps, and curse with clarity
    What’s a curse when language is immersed in vulgarity
    Six: We gonna fix industrial poli-tricks
    Shit they made an artform out of ridin dicks
    Seven: We soldiers for God needin new recruits
    So if you rhymin for the loot then youse a prostitute
    but Eight: Acknowledge that you need food on your plate
    In order to say your grace make sure your business is straight
    Nine: We buildin black minds with intelligence
    and when you freestyle, keep the subject matter relevant
    Ten: Every MC grab a pen
    and write some concious lyrics to tell the children
    I’ll say it again, every MC find you a pen
    And drop some concious shit for our children
    The Manifesto!

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