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    Dilated Peoples »

    Dilated Peoples Marathon текст песни


    Make-Make-Make-em-Make-em clap to this

    To show our appreciation for your support

    Make-Make-Make-em-Make-em clap to this

    Thank you DJs


    Clap your hands!

    Yo, first up, I stay updated

    Stay in the zone, and no question, stay «Dilated»

    Understand, I exercise patience (right, right)

    Respect my path, ’cause the road, these cats paved it (set it off)

    Now that we’ve got that straight, it’s time to move on

    I don’t train for sprints, I train for marathons

    A long haul, we’re built for this

    It’s proven, every year, more people cop our shit

    The point I’m getting at, we’re building an army

    Couldn’t thank ‘em enough, for real, I feel strongly

    Right now, we’re parked in a comfortable spot

    By 2004, we’re out to own the whole lot (Out for the top!)

    To settle for less, the short change

    So we keep our heads with us, as there’s more to gain

    And with, war is pain, so we roll the dice

    It’s all for the love, but some pay the ultimate price (check it out y’all)

    Yo, they go off when they go on

    On and on, on and on (

    Pace yourself so you can face yourself

    Run hard, you really only race yourself

    Yo, they go off when they go on

    On and on, on and on (

    But we don’t run from shit, we run to it

    Might run over your shit or run through it

    I crack my own tooth, man, rap’s a tool

    Just to spit, crowns will leave your head wrapped with jewels

    Respect that, even if you don’t respect that

    Label politics are just a minor setback

    As long as we’re willing and the heart is still in it

    In the marathon, the artists will win it

    Even though they want me to bite my tongue

    Where I’m comin’ from it’s like «Fuck that, I’ll still win it»

    The long run separates the weak and strong one

    Never underestimate how deep the songs run

    Pace yourself so you can face yourself

    Run hard, you really only race yourself, yo

    Clap your hands, your hands you clap

    Expansion Team rap then expand the map

    With endurance, intellect, cardiovascular

    Stamina, Rakaa’s a party flow master like this!

    I’m like Axel when they kill Mike for the bearer bonds ??

    Driven to fight, livin’ in the marathon

    Some can’t carry on, they’re tired or feel ill

    But in the end, real soldiers are still will

    Sometimes, it’s just spectators and gladiators

    Same party, next year, haters congratulate us

    To Buddy Princess and Jalen, congratulations

    This year, there’s less funerals than graduations

    Yo, pace myself, ’cause sagas continue

    Standing ovations, Dilated blows up every venue

    A new era, placed first, style pursuing

    The shoe fits? (Wear it), it’s based on you and

    Your off beat DJ

    Anything he play

    Sounds like Babu pulled the plug with no delay

    This homestretch

    I’ve saved my last breath

    I push full throttle, no rest till nothing’s left

    It’s the marathon

    Clap your hands

    Check it

    Expansion Team forever

    and the, Alchemist

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