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    Run Dmc »

    Run Dmc Me, Myself &Amp; My Microphone текст песни

    Me, Myself &Amp; My Microphone

    (feat. Living Colour)


    Yes y’all, Uptown

    The sound, is shakin into war

    And for all y’all, this is it

    I’m never alone, I’m in a zone and stoned

    I never leave home without my microphone

    I break backbones like a stone, I roam

    I knick knack paddy wack and give a dog a bone

    Like Al Capone I am a dog, I foam

    at the mouth, shout it out when I groan in tone

    I go Uptown, I come back home

    (With who?) "Me, myself and my microphone"

    [Hook: x4]

    I go Uptown, I come back home with who?

    "Me, myself and my microphone"

    [DJ Run]

    It’s like this y’all, it don’t stop

    You see I’m Uptown and rockin the dope spot

    So I dip to the dive, thrive and come alive

    The two MCs that make ya name survive

    For alla y’all, my name is Run

    I rock big parties, have big fun

    The mind blowin, body rockin MC fiend

    who came along and made his home and chained the toll on my team

    The cool calm brother from around the way

    Where I’m from, DJ Run met a kid named "Jay"

    We go Uptown, and come back home

    (With who?) "Me, myself and my microphone"

    [Hook: x4]

    [Bridge: Living Colour x4]

    Gotta gotta gotta gotta keep it on

    Gotta gotta gotta keep it on


    "Give us respect"

    Get much respect when I flex my Tek

    Unique when I speak and wreck your set

    I used to take the train to go to school

    The microphone holdin on the golden rule

    Pop pop pop, you can’t stop my flow

    I rock it in my pocket everytime I go

    straight Uptown, I come back home

    (With who?) "Me, myself and my microphone"

    [Hook: x4]

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